Our friend Benson:



To the left of the above picture is Benson aged seven.

His lovely owners have always worked hard to socialise him from an early age, despite him being attacked on several occasions from other dogs.  

Benson therefore finds it hard to trust and be around other dogs.


He took to the families  new addition Tilly (Alkido's Papa dont preach),  a year ago and it is fair to say they worship

the ground each other steps.

During the reunion of Tara and Winstons Litter this autumn, Benson who kindly joined us, felt at ease with the

puppies, who he had never before meet, and freely participated in the activities.

Clearly from the many pictures taken, he was accepted and did accept the Alkido puppy pack!


So we would like to say a little thank you to Benson for putting his trust in us.




Alkido puppies & Benson

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