How Alkido Rottweilers have been Selected:

  After much research into the Rottweiler Breed, it has been our choice to select a background of Working and Conformation lines, and for breed type and intelligence.


From Strong and Healthy Bloodlines with excellent Histories of Hip and Elbow scores.

All of our Rottweilers have been BVA hip scored with results below the Standards set by the BVA.


All of our Rottweilers have been DNA profiled via the Kennel Club, protecting their identity and the authenticity of any offspring they produce.

We are also kennel Club Accredited Breeders and have the BC accolade.

All of our Rottweilers are undergoing the British Rottweiler Temperament testing - to date we have achieved ALL PASS RATES.

We are also currently undergoing eye and heart testing.


Living Environment.

All of our dogs live and sleep within our home as part of our family.

They Do Not live in kennels or garages, but live freely within our home.

They love to be introduced to new visitors, and are adored by our family and friends.

Living in a Rural Area has great benefits for us all. At least one of their daily walks is a privately owned Wood, with miles of woodlands, natural ponds, wild life along with casual walkers and dog walkers to meet along the way. We nearly always meet a new friend or two!


Swimming is an important part of their lives, especially from young puppies. Where heavy walks can put strain on growing bones, we believe that the introduction of swimming from an early age, will allow bones to develop at a steady rate especially within the first year.



The most important Rule of owning a Rottweiler.

We attend Ring Craft, Obedience, Agility, Working Trials & the Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards.

Not forgetting the in house good manners scheme!

We visit local Nursing homes, where our Rottweilers are always welcome by all with open arms, and where I feel proud to take them.



We believe that steady growth result in healthy bones.

We use a dry diet base and add meat, fish and vegetables to obtain the required protein and fat levels.

All our dogs enjoy fresh uncooked bones (kindly supplied by Grand Dad), not only does it keep their teeth and gums clean, but keep them from chewing the legs off G/G/Grandma's Antique furniture.





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