Alkido Achievers


Good Citizen Dog Scheme

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme, is strongly recommended to anyone owning a Dog

                                     Of Any Discription, Age, Creed or Colour.

Details can be found on the Kennel Club web site. The kennel club can provide information of Reputable dog training club's & societies in your area, that the awards can be undertaken.

                                             The Awards consist of:  

Puppy Foundation Assessment - The Bronze Award - The Silver Award and the Gold Award.


Good socialisation for young puppies, & learning at an early age sets the standards for a dogs adulthood.                                          

Tills reunion200714

Alkido's Material Girl

Has gained her:

Bronze Citizen

& her Silver Citizen Award

Alkido's Papa Dont Preach

Has gained her puppy award

Has gained her

Bronze Citizen Award.

Tilly has also been awarded

best pupil in class May 2007.

where she featured a four page

spread in My Dog magazine.

Alkido's Hanky Panky

Has gained her

puppy foundation

and her

Bronze Citizen Award.

Alkido's Akiva

Has gained her Bronze Citizen Award

Has gained her Silver Citizen Award

Has gained her GOLD Citizen Award

        koda2007 Alkido FREYA01 Ajax12mths

Ajax Has gained his

Bronze Citizen Award.