The British Rottweiler Breed Standard.

                                                     General Appearance

                                                    Above average size, stalwart dog. Correctly proportioned, compact and powerful form, permitting great                                                                                           strength, manoeuvrability and endurance.


                                                    Character and Temperament

                                                    Appearance displays boldness and courage. Self assured and fearless. Calm gaze should indicate good                                                                                           humour. Good natured, not nervous, aggressive or vicious; courageous, biddable, with natural guarding                                                                                            instincts.



                                                    Height at shoulders

                                                    Dogs: 63-69cms (25” -27”)

                                                    Bitches: 58-64cms (23” -25”)

                                                    Height should always be considered in relation to the general appearance.



                                                    Of medium length skull, broad between the ears, forehead moderately arched. Occipital bone well developed but not conspicuous. Cheeks well boned and muscled but not prominent. Skin on head not loose, although it may form moderate wrinkle when attentive. Muzzle fairly deep with topline level and length of muzzle in relation to distance from well developed stop to occiput, to be as 2 is to 3. Nose is well developed with proportionally large nostrils which are always black.



Medium sized dark brown almond shaped with close fitting lids. Light eye is undesirable.



Pendant, small in proportion, rather than large, set high and wide apart, lying flat and close to the cheek.



Teeth strong, complete dentition, 42, with scissor bite i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping the lower teeth and set square to the jaws. Flews black and firm, falling gradually away towards corners of mouth, which do not protrude excessively.



Of fair length, strong, round and very muscular. Slight arch, free from throatiness.



Chest roomy, broad and deep with well sprung  ribs. Depth of brisket will not be more, and not much less than 50% of shoulder height.

Back straight, strong and not too long, ratio of shoulder height to length of body should be as 9 is to 10. Loins short, strong and deep. Flanks not tucked up.

Croup: Of proportionate length and broad, very  slightly sloping.

Tail: Previously customarily docked.

Docked: Docked at first joint. Strong and not set too low. Normally carried horizontally

but slightly above horizontal when dog is alert.

Undocked: Strong and not set too low. Normally carried horizontally but slightly above horizontal when dog is alert. May hang when dog is at rest.



Shoulders well laid back, long and sloping, elbows well let down but not loose. Legs straight, muscular with plenty of bone and substance. Pasterns sloping slighty forward.



Upper thighs not too short, broad and strongly muscled. Lower thigh well muscled at top, strong and sinewy below. Stifles fairly well bent. Hocks well angulated without exaggeration, metatarsals not completely vertical. Strength and soundness of hock highly desirable.

Feet: Strong, round and compact with toes well arched. Hind feet somewhat longer than front. Pads very hard, toe nails short, dark and strong.



Conveys an impression of supple strength, endurance and purpose. While back remains firm and stable there is a powerful hind thrust and good stride. First and foremost, movement should be harmonious, positive and unrestricted.



Consists of top coat and undercoat. Top coat is of medium length, coarse and flat. Undercoat, essential on the neck and thighs, should not show through top coat. Hair may also be a little longer on the back of the forelegs and breechings. Long or excessively wavy coat highly undesirable.



Black with clearly defined markings as follows: a spot over each eye, on cheeks, as a strip around each side of muzzle, but not on bridge of nose, on throat, two clear triangles on either side of the breast bone, on forelegs from carpus downward to toes, on inside of rear legs from hock to toes, but not completely eliminating black from back of legs, under tail. Colour of markings from rich tan to mahogany and should not exceed 10 per cent of body colour. White marking is highly undesirable. Black pencil markings on toes are desirable. Undercoat is grey, fawn, or black.



Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.


Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.


The British Rottweiler Association.